I Made Minecraft Only 1 Block Wide!

30 sept 2020
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This Minecraft world is only one block wide, and it's an epic PvP battle with 100 players. Also we mess with them the entire time.
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  • Isn’t jcpenny bankrupt?

    Rose 25Rose 2544 minutit tagasi
  • Bastighg's challenge is much better

    trimsomtrimsomTund tagasi
  • The goons are on the tittle

    Bigwhale58 SBigwhale58 STund tagasi
  • Basically: Terraria but multiplayer

    MattCamellyMattCamelly2 tundi tagasi
  • I cant belive i won thank you very much Jimmy

    Not StupidNot Stupid4 tundi tagasi
  • We not gonna talk about the thumbnail is a Steve mining with a diamond pick in dirt.

    eboy ben hahaeboy ben haha4 tundi tagasi
  • Wendys

    MaxopgamesMaxopgames4 tundi tagasi
  • Mr beast just put 100 players in a terreria server

    Chancho408 GamzChancho408 Gamz5 tundi tagasi
  • Damn.

    dodogogo203dodogogo2035 tundi tagasi
  • I live in Canada so I didnt even know what that giftcard was for at all 😂😂😂

    Newscapepro fan!!Newscapepro fan!!6 tundi tagasi
  • Turn the pvp: 1:21

    Kyle MirandaKyle Miranda6 tundi tagasi
  • Me: Can I have Terraria? Mom: no we have Terraria at home Terraria at home:

    JMTJMT7 tundi tagasi
  • Nice Work Jimmy

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  • mr.beast brother love your all video

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  • Hey mr.beast when are you flying to arizona???😢🙏

    Praying mantisPraying mantis13 tundi tagasi
  • that sinc guy jimmy say that sinc is a noob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can do 19tees in minecraft i can easly beat the fuck up that guy i know he is scare of me

    fatimah79100fatimah7910014 tundi tagasi
  • no one: not a single soul: karl: jimmyjimmyjimmyjimmyjimmyjimmyjimmyjimmyjimmyjimmyjimmy LMFAO THAT GOT ME

  • 9:20 Chris actually looks like he is going to cry

    Kyle BurtonKyle Burton16 tundi tagasi
  • i'll uhh buy it for uhh 1 penny.

    BlueEnglandBlueEngland17 tundi tagasi
  • Im also in Canada.. but il buy it for a toonnie and a cup o tims, that's nearly 10k in usd with the massive decline in USD

    Memeber BerryMemeber Berry17 tundi tagasi
  • Huh

    ShotgunMaster2029 YTShotgunMaster2029 YT17 tundi tagasi
  • Totally original

    tire childtire child18 tundi tagasi
  • Endless Gamer_Forever

    Jeremiah CampbellJeremiah Campbell18 tundi tagasi
  • for the next i think you should have a amazon gift card

    Jennifer SmithJennifer Smith18 tundi tagasi
  • Can you make a bedrock edition of pocket edition challenge?

    Mahir AlamMahir Alam18 tundi tagasi
  • Nice teddy bear, Chandler 😂

    Nice Teddy Bear, ChandlerNice Teddy Bear, Chandler18 tundi tagasi
  • First thought that came to mind is wilbur soot

    S SIRRAINCS SIRRAINC19 tundi tagasi
  • the dislikes are from the people who defeated in the game

    Yannah DalidaYannah Dalida19 tundi tagasi
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  • Can we get Beating 1 block wide Minecraft

    99Wins99Wins19 tundi tagasi
  • players who know to use 3rd person: *x-ray detected*

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  • Can you give away a apple gift card

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  • 8:32 My favorite

    ReferenceReferencePäev tagasi
  • Merraria

    definedloafofbreaddefinedloafofbreadPäev tagasi
  • If I could choose a trap I would remove the bedrock so when they dig straight down the fall out of the world 🌍

    Prisha BanerjeePrisha BanerjeePäev tagasi
  • "This is not fortnite" Litterally has a zone

    IwAs CrewmateIwAs CrewmatePäev tagasi
    • Pub g?

      IwAs CrewmateIwAs Crewmate18 tundi tagasi
    • But something else has a storm

      Rms OlympicRms OlympicPäev tagasi
    • So does the uhhhhhh I forget the name

      Rms OlympicRms OlympicPäev tagasi
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    AidanZAidanZPäev tagasi
  • Now this reminds me of terraria

    Frances OriolaFrances OriolaPäev tagasi
  • Carl Is pretty annoying ngl

    Z ChronzZ ChronzPäev tagasi
  • Minecraft but 2d

    Banned_Guy1x1x1Banned_Guy1x1x1Päev tagasi
  • Imagine if jimmy was ur dad

    Eden RhoadsEden RhoadsPäev tagasi
  • why are their voices so high pitched (Karl kid)

    SilverE HelloSilverE HelloPäev tagasi
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    Mr BeastMr BeastPäev tagasi
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    HarshlgfdHarshlgfd2 päeva tagasi
  • That's litterly Terraria in mancraft

    Fyrrus DimalenFyrrus Dimalen2 päeva tagasi
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    dietrichyxxdietrichyxx2 päeva tagasi
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  • Did anyone notice at the end mrbeast said 2v2 when it was a 1v1

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  • Karl:my guy is doing a pacifist route *sans enters the chat*

    Super Mario LearySuper Mario Leary2 päeva tagasi
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  • Thumbnail: Digging straight down... Minecraft: Wait, that's illeigal.

    TitanicBuilder_2022 How To Draw ShipsTitanicBuilder_2022 How To Draw Ships3 päeva tagasi
  • 0:33x.

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  • Minecraft is just 3D terraria

    Shingechi YanguShingechi Yangu3 päeva tagasi
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  • Alternate title : Minecraft but it's terraria

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  • Ok but how did he place a block on nothing at 10:07 ???

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    • Bcs of barriers

      Mier _Mier _14 tundi tagasi