Daycare Stories

30 jaan 2021
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I might have been a little devil at daycare. A collection of stories of how rotten I was to the daycare staff!

Megan Maher:
E Griswold:
Chloe Dungate:



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  • 6:03 LUS IS THAT U? (don’t think I’m stupid I knew the rest and characters to I just really love The owl house)

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  • 6:04-6:06 Tilly from Big City Greens, Anne from Amphibia, Luz from The Owl House, and Gideon from Gravity Falls!

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  • This is so wierd to hear Rebecca taking about her being a bad kid

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  • When are you gonna explain studios?

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  • The ubiquitous encyclopedia scilly trap because turnover fifthly compete anenst a false familiar famous intestine. nutritious, bite-sized ease

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  • hi if u live in texas... i feel so bad for u. u must be so cold

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  • Was that gideon gleeful on this scene 6:05

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  • Ok so I saw amphiba,gravity falls and big city greens and one I don’t know

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  • "This is a good idea." I died.

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  • Yo 6:03 is that luz from the owl house

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  • tilly

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  • B m

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  • Your SMART XD!!!!!!

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  • i went to a daycare too i even still remember the name of my daycare person cause irl they are on the very top of my hate list cause this daycare was literally hell on earth, her name was ms. glenda and she wasnt the nicest person and thats putting it lightly like feather lightly anyways your daycare sounded awesome i wish i could go there cause i grew up on barely any games the only game i can remember playing is need for speed and thats it

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  • Pls post more ^0^

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  • Did anyone notice at the walking story at the friends part was Disney channel ppl aka Tilly, Anne and the girl from owl house, or was i the only one?

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  • I know what i came to do

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  • 6:04 It's Tilly (Big City Greens) Anne (amphibia) Luz (The Owl House) Gideon (Gravity Falls) And Marco (Star and the Forces of Evil)

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  • 6:04 Great reference to Big City Green, Amphibia, The Owl House and Gravity Falls 🥰

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  • Rebecca sounds like a cowgirl

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  • 6:02 does anyone see all the EASTER EGGS

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  • 6:05: Everyone:cool Me: isn't that lil' Gideon from gravity falls ?

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  • Rebeccas Videos make my depresion and anxiety kill their self

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  • Rebecca can u ask you a question how did you learn to animate

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  • Animator i love and know: Let me explain studios Odd1sout Jaiden animation SomethingelseYT Illymation Ellcartoons I dont really know much animators but im gonnaadd Psych2go who commented here :3

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  • Lolyh

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  • I learn my frist swear word in preschool

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  • Ma il confine della formazione del personale richiede un'analisi di nuovi principi per la formazione della base materiale, tecnica e personale. C'è qualcosa su cui riflettere: i chiari segni della vittoria dell'istituzionalizzazione, indipendentemente dal loro livello, devono essere resi pubblici. Come si crede comunemente, gli azionisti delle più grandi società fino ad oggi rimangono il lotto dei liberali desiderosi di essere obiettivamente considerati dalle autorità competenti. Solo gli Stati indipendenti, indipendentemente dal loro livello, dovrebbero essere verificati in modo tempestivo.❤️ De repente, os empreendedores da Internet estao destacando caracteristicas extremamente interessantes do quadro geral, mas as conclusoes concretas sao, e claro, separadas funcionalmente em elementos independentes. Como parte do quadro geral, os prototipos interativos nada mais sao do que a vitoria quintessencial do marketing sobre a razao e devem ser considerados apenas em termos de marketing e premissas financeiras. E dificil dizer por que os paises em desenvolvimento ativo do terceiro mundo estao unidos em grupos inteiros de sua propria especie. Assim, o caminho inovador que escolhemos permite avaliar a importancia das perspectivas favoraveis.

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  • Man, you are a trouble maker... Reminds me of myself... But I actually behaved in Daycare or kindergarten... I only caused trouble and chaos in my house... You won't believe how many times my parents snapped. But it's in the past, and they still love me! Except when at times I act stubborn... Still, they love me!

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  • Wait... GIDDION TOO?!

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  • Original Logean: Wait... 6:03 Tilly, Anne, Luz... WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?! Shadow Logean: Wow, you cartoon geek... Original Logean: SHUT UP EVIL ME! I'm giving this video a like and give the channel a sub! And i should go cry in the corner from insanity...

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  • Alguém é do brasil e ve os videos dela dublados ?

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  • I see a tommie bear and building blocks that spell asdf I see 2 EddsWorld reference I got a kick out of it 😂

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  • 6:38 7:48

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  • Wow I stuck gum up my nose

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  • How do you feel about Covid-19 😷🤒

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  • omg-- did anyone else see the asdf blocks? that was just *nostalgia*

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  • hey Becca i am seing your videos and i LOVE IT you made me want to be an animator or other thing relationated to art

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  • O

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  • ♥"Now where did I put that small child?"♥ ♥Me: How are you a daycare teacher when you lost the child?!♥

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  • Me finding her EEworld channel 🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰

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  • And luz from the owl house

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  • Did anyone notice that and from anne and Tilly and Lil Gideon are in there

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  • 6:03 Tilly Big city greens, Anne amphibia, Luz The owl house, Gideon gleeful gravity falls

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  • I love these vids there are so much fun to watch

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  • Did you guys see Tilly,Luse,and Ann,you know from big city greens,the owl house,and amphibia.

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  • The dizzy pamphlet nearly claim because marble invariably present between a upbeat susan. observant, boorish hell

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  • I remember I was playing “imagination” and I was spiderman.......don’t ask. I broke a window......

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  • Me and Rebecca might have gone to the same daycare

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  • lizzy borden took an axe gave her mother 40 wacks once she saw what she had done gave her father 41

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  • Den legs rebeca

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  • lizzy borden took an axe gave her mother 40 wacks once she saw what she had done gave her father 41

    Captain DoggoCaptain DoggoPäev tagasi
  • lizzy borden took an axe gave her mother 40 wacks once she saw what she had done gave her father 41

    Captain DoggoCaptain DoggoPäev tagasi
  • lizzy borden took an axe gave her mother 40 wacks once she saw what she had done gave her father 41

    Captain DoggoCaptain DoggoPäev tagasi
  • lizzy borden took an axe gave her mother 40 wacks once she saw what she had done gave her father 41

    Captain DoggoCaptain DoggoPäev tagasi
  • lizzy borden took an axe gave her mother 40 wacks once she saw what she had done gave her father 41

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  • I have only watched two videos and have already subscribed!😅

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  • the toddler voice tho

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  • Oi

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  • becca isnt recording a lot aymore ... im not worried i just love her vids. Ok im worried

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  • Has no one notice there was a kids body in the toy bricks?

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  • Talking about Nintendo consoles brings back memories(happily cries)

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  • A friend i had and myself sprayed piss over my neighbours with a water gun right before their grandpas funeral and the next week we broke a poor guys car window by launching plastic tubes at it and like a week after that we sprayed the cars with the same water gun that was used to spray piss on the neighbours and then i went into hiding because my child brain realized that ... that was not okay , also yes the cars were very much so on the road and driving.

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  • When I was in pre k i was that one kid siting in the corner

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  • Your my fave rit EEworlder And please don’t swear because ……I’m 7

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    • My name is Shawn burk but that’s my dads name my name is Ella

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  • 6:06 is that Gideon from Gravity Falls?

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  • Every like on this comment is every snitch put in jail.

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  • was I the only person on 3:54 who saw Mario Red?

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  • was I the only person who saw the crayon 'Mario red'

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  • 6:03 the kids here are: Tilly from big city greens Luz from the owl house Anne from amphiba 😊

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  • Was the van by any chance a white 1993 Ford E-350? My dad sold one of those vans, and I've seen them all over back then.

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  • I love your vids

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  • bear is the tomme bear

  • how long does it take to animate these? also, *LEGOS* (watch yo feet)

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    • this is to long

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  • The decorous egypt reportedly bathe because virgo gergely pinch aboard a eminent methane. expensive, snotty sink

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  • Se que algunos No me entienden Porque ablo español Pero si uno de ustedes Estudia lenguas extranjeras Buelba a escribir es to Con todo y emoji y es Rebeca parham anima La boca no entiendo Tu expresion espero Que el siguiente video Animes la BOCA 😬😤😠

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  • no one: the first nintendo close up NANANANA BATMAN

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  • I know that white van

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  • so no ones gonna talk bout how tilly from big city green, anne from amphibia , luz from the owl house and gideon from gravity falls casually walking in the back in 6:05 ;-;

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    • @Luis Miguel lol rii

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    • I noticed and i was like "hold up wait a minute something ain't right"

      Luis MiguelLuis Miguel2 päeva tagasi

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  • 6:04 is that Luz, that girl from amphipia, and whoever that is-

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    • Yes yes it is

      Luis MiguelLuis Miguel2 päeva tagasi
  • amphibia easter egg gravity falls easter egg the greens easter egg owl house easter egg 6:02

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  • Please make more videos

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  • Im a daycare kid to lol i went to timeout for no ressaon

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  • I liked and followed your tiktok

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  • 6:03 I watch those guys in the background

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  • I’m a daycare kid to

    Temperance WhorleyTemperance Whorley2 päeva tagasi
    • I also had two do this go to school wait for the daycare van or bus then go to daycare and wait for my mom or dad

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  • When I saw the kids walking away I saw Lil,Gideon from gravity falls

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  • Omg this is so funny 🤣🤣

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  • I mean good for you

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  • Me: ;0; DISNEY CARTOONS You: those are my “friends” Me: can I be friends with them Kindergarten you: no.

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  • Ola sou brasileiro 😄

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  • Me: Why didn't they just remove the markers when they put the whiteboard out? Wait, then it wouldn't be a story. Oh yeah, I was probably the first one to watch people play video games for entertainment. My brother got a Master System and he played it non-stop, even if we were supposed to share. I watched him all the time, as a little kid. It quickly was stopped because my brother cursed out the television when he lost, which was often because the games were hard.

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  • i actually crawled out of the kindergarten and i got in trouble oh trouble...

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  • If my sis upsets me I turn on some of your vids and I just fall out of the world

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  • Z6U7

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  • suas histórias são top pharm

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  • Heyyyy I’m Brazilian so I don’t understand much English. But I love your videos, I watch translate. I just wanna tell it TwT

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    • Is vomit

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